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Consisting of many twitter accounts who stalk 5 homosexuals 24/7, never sleep, and are proud of every single thing they do. They know what's up with those 5 homos before they even know it themselves. Watch out but they have skills. They should replace the FBI. Best update accounts : @1DUpallnightx_ & @1DStalking & @1DWhereAbouts & @1DWorldUpdate :)
" Zayn and Niall are at the gates at the studios, and Niall just dropped a lighter. #Confirmed "

" Our insider just met Harry, he said that he is single. "

" We don't follow back, we have to keep our timeline clear for just updates. "

" Niall is in his apartment, Louis is at the Olympics, Zayn and Louis are not seemed to be spotted anywhere. "
" For the millionth time, we are a 1D Updates accounts we do NOT follow back. "

" Liam was seen in London just 2 minutes ago #Unconfirmed "
by Niall'sMofo August 06, 2012
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