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Middle Aged Women who have no real purpose in life except to watch the kids and piss everybody else off. They are often seen in Wal-Mart.They are usually seen wearing Holiday-themed sweaters and shopping. They are allowed to bring there bad a$$ kids anywhere they want to,but if your listening to anything other than Radio Disneythey act bitchy and wanna act like they're your parents. Also seen driving unesssarily huge SUV. The only people who try to "Bargin" with there children, instead of disciplining them.
Man:*listening to Snoop Dogg*

Soccer Mom: Can you turn that ruckus down, there's children present.

Man:Turns down music slightly*


Man: I'm a grown ass man

Soccer Mom: TURN IT DOWN NOW! *Gets in mans face*

Soccer Mom: *leaving*

Man: You know what they say..you can't teach an old bitch new tricks

Man: Get
by New Jerseyite August 21, 2004

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Something somebody says after doing something real thuggin'. Usually refering to the hidden gangsta in all of us.
Man 1: The guy on the corner tried to rob me

Man 2:What did you do?

Man 1:I punched him in the face and jacked him for his clothes and shoes

Man 2:Wow, isn't that harsh?

Man 1: Hell naw! Respect My Gangsta!
by New Jerseyite August 31, 2004

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The best state in the U.S. Even though most people hate on N.J., it has the best corn and tomatoes, among other things. New Jersey is also famous for Bon Jovi, Redman, Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, Bruce Springstein, and many others.
Place where are all of the major casinos are located on the East Coast.
by New Jerseyite August 19, 2004

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A Mississippi Pimp is a pimp(usually male, but on occasion female)that dresses flashy. Usually seen with diamond goblets and a pimped out ride. Called a Mississippi Pimp b/c anytime they are dissed they will pull out a striaght razor in a heartbeat to cut somebody.
Money Mike from Friday After Next
by New Jerseyite August 31, 2004

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