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Another name for an erect penis.
Are you ready for the hot banana?
by ncbornokgrown August 07, 2014
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GT2DK Means Gayer than two dicks kissing. Super gay or homosexual.
Your male friend asks you to go speedo shopping you say man that's gayer than 2 dicks kissing or GT2DK!
by ncbornokgrown May 26, 2013
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The process of blocking children into the play tube in the McDonalds play ground and farting forcing them to marinate in the smell.
We went to McDonalds today and mcdutch ovened a bunch of kids today.
by ncbornokgrown July 02, 2014
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A non attractive and or obese woman riding on the back of a motorcycle.
Look at Jeremy with that scooter booger on the back of his bike I bet she has a thyroid problem.
by ncbornokgrown August 07, 2014
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