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The best guy you could ever have . You might have to go through some difficult things to get him and constant jealousy but he's well worth it . He is very talented in music and will one day have a stage of his own . He is SO sweet you'd think he has someone to tell him what to say all the time ;D If you can have a Nathan fall in love with you then consider yourself the luckiest person in the world . He will always stay faithful and wont ever abandon you . Nathan's treat their girls like queens . They're handsome and you should let them know that . Nathan's are perfect in every single way . They are smart too ! People will often hate on them for their dreams though , be sure to get to know one before you try to crush his dreams .
Nathan is the most amazingly perfect guy I've ever known .

I'm sure glad I have Nathan to call mine.
by Nathan's Girl May 01, 2012
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