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The only part of the United States that really matters. The East Coast, Maine through Virginia, is home to America's largest city and the global financial capital...New York, or "the city" since all the rest pale in comparison. The East is home to other important cities such as Washington DC (wait, isn't that the capital?), Boston (wait, isn't that our smartest city?), and Philadelphia (wait, isn't where America was born?). The East Coast has the country's finest resort areas at its various islands and shores (Maine, the Cape, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, the Jersey Shore, and Delaware Coast) and mountain areas (Poconos, Berkshires, Catskills). The East Coast also has the best food (everyone else THINKS they know pizza, subs, and bagels). The East is home to our best colleges (ever realize all of the Ivy League schools are in the East?), public transportation that makes the rest of the country look like sub-Saharan Africa and, we have class. Apparently the rest of the country forgot what it meant to get dressed up...no it isn't your "nice" jeans. We still know that you are supposed to wear belts AT ALL TIMES, not supposed to show underwear and when someone is talking to you..keep eye contact.
Sure East Coast people are skimpy on the "politeness" but at least we are honest. We won't smile and laugh just to be agreeable...we will form our own opinions and make them known. In sum, remember, it is called the Eastern Standard for a reason.
West Coast person: The East is cold, smelly, and everyone is mean.

East Coast person: F*ck you. Try to get an education in Oregon or Nevada or California or wherever you are from and then come talk to me. Oh yeah.....your food is nasty, Hollister is nasty and try to remember the pants next time you are supposed to dress up. What's with your obsession with blue jeans and flip flops (with socks by the way)? Ever heard of shoes? Oh, they are called sneakers in case you were wondering, unless you are planning to play tennis.
by NJShore kid November 15, 2010

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