4 definitions by N-Gizzle the original hotboi

Someone who repeatedly and extremely rips ass in public places. The word came about when women in the 1920's used to get bad gas after eating vegetarian chili. It sounded like a chainsaw and therefore they were givin the name "chainsaw butt"
Dayum Keesha, Lay of the chili, you're such a chainsaw butt!
by N-Gizzle the original hotboi January 9, 2005
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A commonly used technique used to get the drops of urine off the end of the males private part when he has finished pissin. also known as flipper or trick daddy
Damn, pissed on muh payunts agiin but its ok cause jus giv er a lil flip and its all good
by N-Gizzle the original hotboi January 10, 2005
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This is street slang for the slang word sheezy. Because Sheezy is not hood enough for most people now, it must be hacked up and the last part of izzle be added to it. This is a doubble slang also known as a duce matoose. It originated in New Orleans 3rd Ward ProJacts. And was made popular by Lil Mayne.
Yo Fo Shellions yO! No Dogg I takes Dat Back I Means FO Sheizzle!!! Like a big old bizzle my squizzle tizzle rizzle fizzle pizzle dizzle! We OUT!
by N-Gizzle the original hotboi January 11, 2005
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a hardcore player with more game and skills than an ordinary ass mofo. His super skillz are predominant in his neighborhood and he is known for his skillfulness at getting women.
Dayum, Hot Rob is such a Puhlaya!
by N-Gizzle the original hotboi January 9, 2005
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