13 definitions by Muffington P. Weathersby

Ramon noodles smothered in enchilada sauce.
Consuelo was surprised to find her wedding reception dinner was Mexican Spaghetti
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
n: several easy strike matches taped around the end of a paper towel or toilet paper roll.
Sal had absolutely no idea how handy his Polish flashlight would be at his new security guard job
by Muffington P. Weathersby March 19, 2010
n: a fat, greasy, Napolionic ass plug, who practices martial arts at the third grade level.
That faggot ass nidan Vince was really getting ass raped by those girl scouts at WalMart.
by Muffington P. Weathersby July 18, 2008
n: an absolutely brilliant (all be it Mexican) concauction of hotdogs cut artisticly, and boiled to resemble fish, squid, eels, and Dora pinatas. Most often served with beandip and hot sauce over tortillia wraps.
Alejandro knew that Larshonqua was WAY too classy for the typical rolled taco platter, so he opted to take her out for Mexican sushi in stead.
by Muffington P. Weathersby March 22, 2011
v: to have to repeatedly flush, in order to remove the drawing that your turd left on the bottom of your porcelan throne.
"Damn... after eatin all those pork ribs n potato salad, I was really etch a sketchin' to hide the poop painting from my shorty."
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
When a guy fucks a girl with his balls while he spanks the monkey and pops on her stomach. He then dips his balls in the jizz and has her lick it off.
Estel went over to Sal's house for a pastrami reubin, but ended up getting a French Dip instead.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
v: the act of lovingly writing someones name in the snow.
Dave: "Hey Cheryl, come check out this chilligraphy... I wrote your name."

Cheryl: "Ewww... why is it brown?"
by Muffington P. Weathersby March 20, 2010