7 definitions by Mr. Sneakers

A condition in which a person does, says, or thinks stupid things because he has just woken up and is not fully functional yet.
I accidentally put toothpaste on my washcloth because I was suffering from wake-up retardation.
by Mr. Sneakers September 22, 2009
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The central underlying point or what is happening in a porn movie.
I only had to watch Star Whores for 7 minutes to get the jizzt of what was going to happen.
by Mr. Sneakers December 14, 2009
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A word used when you are just kidding with your friends, and don't mean whatever it was that you just said.
Derek: You're my best friend!
Jason: Thanks!
Derek: Psyche! I fucking hate you asshole!
by Mr. Sneakers September 25, 2009
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The act of waking up and eating cake for no reason at all.
I was hungry when I woke up so I decided to do a wake'n'cake.
by Mr. Sneakers September 25, 2009
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The professional term for 'creeper'
I stalk him so well, it's almost like I'm a ninja.
by Mr. Sneakers October 15, 2009
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A parody character of Mr. T, who appears in a Cyanide and Happiness comic strip. His catch phrase is "I pwn the fool."
Mr. T-Bag: I pwn the fool who don't stay in school.
by Mr. Sneakers September 25, 2009
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The act of masturbation to 'dumpster porn'.
I caught my friend trashturbating to the Playboy I threw out yesterday.

I never trashturbate, I use real porn.
by Mr. Sneakers October 7, 2009
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