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Reality Engineer
A person that alters reality by using various techniques to manipulate the beliefs and perceptions of one or more people. All reality is based on beliefs supported by perceptions therefore by altering the beliefs and perceptions, reality can be altered. Reality Engineers use hypnosis, mentalism, magic and other skills. Reality engineering can be performed for entertainment or to affect life changes (like stopping smoking, losing weight etc)
Fred: Dude did you see when that reality engineer bent that spoon with his freaking mind?
George: Yeah man that was sick!

Lord Q.: Cigarette?
Lady B.: I saw that reality engineer fellow the other day, and now I do not smoke anymore. Kindly leave.
by Mr. E. Mann. June 06, 2013

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Something that you love and hate at the same time, like Schrodinger's cat which existed in a state of being both alive and dead. The quantum superposition of the two emotions (love and hate) may collapse at some point in the future.

Schrodinger's Marmite can be used instead of the term Love Hate Relationship
Bill "I really like watching YouTube videos"
Ted "I have a love hate relationship with it, for me it's Schrodinger's Marmite"
Bill "oh you are just too clever for me"
by Mr. E. Mann. June 25, 2013

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