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To all you cannibal-corpse loving mutants out there...

An easy way to end your pathetic lives would be a simple shot to the head, maybe then, cannibal-corpse members and fans will have intercourse with your derranged dead body, it would be the ultimate ending for your sad lives and would make the world a better place without you in it. It would also stop me from having to hunt you down and kill you myself.

It would be good if someone dropped a bomb on a cannibal-corpse concert, that way, the band and their sick strange followers shall perish in the world that they hate. Go fuck a knife,

love from Mr Buns
Clever person - lets bomb a cannibal corpse show?
Other person - wouldn't that make us a terrorist?
Clever person - a terrorist is better then a cannibal corpse lover.
by Mr Buns August 19, 2006
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