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originally started out as a trendy LA drink, quickly turned into a teenie bopper drink
the quickest way to get carded at ANY bar is to order a Red Bull and Vodka
by Mr Wall July 29, 2007
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Anime porn for underage boys how have no grasp of reality and incapable of functioning with the opposite sex, so they discover Hentai which has unrealistic girls looking very underage but with huge tits getting fucked everyway possible by anything possible… and I do mean anything! i.e. Demons, animals, men, women and anything else you can think of.

The result is that you have little boys that become even less assimilated to the real world since they spend their days watching some girl getting raped by whatever and getting off on it.

It’s also a sign that Japanese men are way too oppressed and came up with Hentai as an outlet for their sexual repression.
I was a virgin until the age of 27, all thanks to Hentai! who needs a girl when you have hentai! MOM STAY OUT OF MY ROOM I'M BUSY!
by Mr Wall January 09, 2006
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Probably THE most uncreative movie ever made. Swiped fully off of much better movies like THX 1138, Fahrenheit 451 & 1984 but added nothing of it’s own to the genre. The biggest flaw of this movie is its whole “NO EMOTION” concept which is easily found flawed since EVERYONE had emotions. 2nd would be its bullshit Gun Kata that was merely designed to tap into the current trend of other Hollywood Kung Fu movies.
when 67% of critics say Equilibrium blows... there's a chance they're right.
by Mr Wall December 31, 2005
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A euphanism to the word "fuck" created and used in Battlestar Galatica but has become popular by dorks who don't want to swear.
you can pick out the dorks by their use of the word frack in casual conversation
by Mr Wall July 10, 2008
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a fictional and stupid faux martial arts with guns used in a lame ass movie called Equilibrium and believed plausible by it's idotic fans.
jim got killed last week when he attempted to use Gun Kata to stop a bully, the bully grabbed the guns from him and beat the living shit out of Jim while yelling at him "you're supposed to shoot a fucking gun! not wave it around!"
by Mr Wall December 30, 2005
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Middle upperclass white male usually in their mid 20’s to late 30’s. Raised in the suburbs and got their MBA paid for by their mom & dad. They attempt to hang out in major metropolitan areas at trendy little bars spending their time with coked out cougars.

They can be easily identified since they always travel in packs, will all have overly gelled hair and all wear vertically stripped shirts with the stench of excessive cologne basically looking like a pack of date rapist.
I hate going to the marina, it's full of Broseph's and Cougars
by Mr Wall August 31, 2006
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Fresh out of college mid 20’s people who claim to dislike all that is mainstream or popular, which is usually reflected in their taste of indie music and how quickly they’ll shun a group the moment they end up on a soundtrack, TV commercial/show or on the radio. They also dislike mainstream fashion which makes them easily spotted since the guys all wear the higher-then-clam-digger style pants while the girls all wear extremely thick rimmed glasses. (Making them conformist in their own group).

The surest sign of a hipster is their dislike for everything corporate so while they may never want to buy anything from a Starbucks, Gap or Pottery Barn, they will have no problem working for them since they always seem to be flat broke and complain about having financial problems, even though they have mom & dad paid BA.

Note: Hipsters dislike the title of hispster and are irritated to be called one.
Person: hey, I really like that Garden State soundtrack
Hipster: The Shins suck now for letting their song be on that album, how dare they try and make a buck.
Person: you’re such a typical Hipster
Hipster: I am NOT a hipster!
by Mr Wall November 15, 2005
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