24 definitions by Mr Wall

A person whose jealousy of another person success or achievements makes them verbally nit-pick any flaws no matter how small or just make up flaws in order to somehow try and belittle the successful person.

The term is more often than not used improperly to title a person who simply does not like something or someone because it’s not what they are into.
Hater: there’s no way John could score a chick that hot, he’s gotta be paying her
Dude: man, why do you have to be a straight up hater?
by Mr Wall July 23, 2006
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Something that can get in the way of doing what’s right, what needs to be done or it can make a person spend excessive energy on worrying about what doesn’t need that much attention or care; often intertwined with ones ego & pride.
don't remove that tag from the bed! you don't understand! it's the Principles of it all that matters!
by Mr Wall January 23, 2006
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the dialect that 40% of Filipinos speak
Most Visayans can speak Tagalog but not many Tagalogs can speak Visayan.
by Mr Wall May 09, 2007
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a direct reference to the movie A Christmas story and all the fantasy sequences Ralphie has (soap poisioning, A+++++++++, and fighting off the bank robbers). Used when you admit to having some type of similar fantasy or you can use it to call someone out on their unrealistic fantasy.
I'm having total Ralphie Vision! If I won lotto, I'd walk into my bosses office, piss on his desk, pay off all my bills and buy a fat house with a fleet of cars!
by Mr Wall January 06, 2006
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to have less than "no game" to the point that a person will destroy game for all that's around them, in turn, wrecking all game their friends have.
I could've gotten laid last night if my buddy who tailed along didn't have negative game.
by Mr Wall January 04, 2006
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a city of extremely laid back yet extremely high-maintenance people
a person from Seattle will be ok with any type of restaurant (McDonalds to Rodizio) but upset if the table is within 20 feet of the kitchen.
by mr wall July 10, 2008
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Crap ass movie that is only liked by the fans of the Wimmer since they can’t admit he’s a shitty director.
Wimmer was doing such a shitty job on Ultraviolet that the studio pulled the project from him and did their best to salvage their losses.
by Mr Wall July 04, 2006
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