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A mythical beast which exists in each of us, which may be let out simply by wearing one's tracksuit/pyjama trousers in such a manner that the waistline is brought over the shoulders and the arms tucked in grasping the knees. This results in a two legged-monster-freak appearance with extra thick flanked legs, which may be further enhanced by tucking the feet into the ankles of the trousers thereby producing a donkey-leg appearance.
David was able to fascinate, shock and awe the guests with his Stridle Hopper act.
by Mr E November 18, 2004
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A strong, contractive orgasm enjoyed by a menstrating women that produces an ample flow of blood, ideally making her lovers hands look like those of Jack the Ripper.
Advice for men new to the game-
When you've just given her a big goregasm, try not to look horrified.
by Mr E June 29, 2004
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A cheap, untenured lecturer that teaches for peanuts at a university, naively hoping that they will beat the odds and one day get hired into a tenure-track position.
Dude, did you know that professor Smith is an adjunct professor, and he makes less teaching this class than I did working at Wendy's last summer? What a tool!

by Mr E July 23, 2008
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