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To hurry up and take action before it is too late.
"Dude, she just broke up with her boyfriend, she's drunk as hell, and she's surrounded by guys trying to get into her pants; get your ass to Mars."
by mortis fugit August 09, 2006

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The last words you say to some idiot before they're about to do something stupid.
"See you on the news, sucker."
by mortis fugit March 03, 2016

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A sad sci-fi/comic book convention that barely happened. No guest speakers you've ever heard of, and a dealer's room like a Goodwill.
Sell all your toys from your mom's basement at next week's GutterCon, taking place in a moldy hotel near an airport.
by mortis fugit May 16, 2014

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Used as a replacement term for a person/group of people that can't actually 'manage' anything that matters: instead of focusing on what's important, they meddle.
Meddlement shows up and gives you busy work (diverting you from actual productivity) when you're trying to fix things. They bitched about something, though, so they earned their paycheck!
by mortis fugit January 17, 2014

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