2 definitions by Model Ynohtna

Douche Canoe, a oversized maxipad used to catch all the nastiness that filters out of a females vaginal cavity after douching.. much like a pantie liner..
Sarah if I wouldn't have used a douche Canoe I would have ruined my panties..
by Model Ynohtna February 27, 2020
Shawnna a beauty queen of only 18... :-) The kinda girl you only find in small towns where people have the biggest hearts in the world.. Though her beauty is unquestionable on the outside... What makes this girl so rad is what on the inside.. When she clicks with just the right guy her eyes sparkle like a million fire flies... Gives me butterflies when I think of this girl... Her innocent nature and fun hearted personality makes everyone smile !! Blonde by nature but don't let those goldie loc's fool ya... She is one quick study !!!! The type a girl weather a friend or WHATEVER You'll hold her close too your heart till ya die!!! Lots of love for this angel of mine...
Shawnna the kinda girl that makes you wanna eat CAKE !!
by Model Ynohtna January 10, 2012