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Classic mid 90's British Comedy written and staring Chris Morris. Pretense for show is spoof news documentary on controvertial modern day issues such as Science, Drugs and most famously Paedophilia. Many celebs were roped into the show and then made to look very silly. Richard Blackwood told viewers about the dangers of special Paedophile keyboards that excrete the smell of a child when used. ROlf Harris spoke of the dangers of "Cake" - a Czech originated drug that makes users necks swell so much it eventually suffocates them. Genius.
Man - Did you see Brasseye last night?
Man 2 - Sure did, twas ace.
Man - Certainly was.
by Mister Pea September 26, 2006
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Low cost, budget short haul flight operator between many European cities. Owned by a Greek dude, they are often the cheapest carriers about - you have to pay for food and drink, but on the upside, the female cabin crew are often pretty fit.
"How you getting to Luton bro?"
"Easy Jet innit"
by Mister Pea September 26, 2006
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