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The negative and low lying nature, habits, mannerisms, that are common to weak, effeminate men, raised in a matriarchal/late stage single mother society and culture that is devoid of any logic, rational thought, and benefit to the male agent. Activity that is to the sole benefit of women and not the male agents in question regardless of negative and positive outcomes.

The total and collective culture of modern men, revolving around benefitting women in the form of martyr like characteristics. A culture created by the lack of fathers and or father figures that works to transfer all positive gains from the male sex to the female sex.

The generally looked down upon culture of men doing anything for the possibility of getting pussy no matter the cost in financial, physical and mental terms. The collective mannerisms, culture and activities that are generally reviled among men raised in two parent households and those with strong male presence in their lives.
1. Brodie1: She said she would not have sex with him until he showed commitment and put the time, finances and effort in to show his value to her.
Brodie 2: She's a single mother with 3 kids already. The horse left the barn, it isn't even in it anymore. The dumbass married her, damn what an idiot.

Brodie1: I just could never engage in simpery at that level ever in my life. My parents would disown me. Make that shit make sense.

Brodie2: It dont make sense period. The promulgation of simpery in modern society has led to a rapid decline of family values and healthy family structures to give children the best chance to make it in life. Shit is all the way sad. Shit is all they way bad.
by Mister Northeast October 28, 2021
The nature, habits, mannerisms, that are common to typical low level, educated/uneducated, annoying, typical women that are found to be reprehensible and harmful to others, including the agent of stated qualities.
Hey Denzel, have you heard that Marlo took Camilla back after all that bullshit? She got 3 kids with the other dude she left M for and now she talking about it was a mistake. The sucka took her back, smh.

Denzel: That shit is straight birdery. The fuck is Marlo thinking?

Ex 2: Denzel: Juan Jose said Jayla keeps hitting his line, talking about, this some true love shit, now that he hit a lick and stacked up nicely.

Rayshawn: I ain't surprised. Typical birdery shit right there. Good thing he ain't a sucka and won't end up being her lick that she makes a come up on. Where was she before? She wasn't in the trenches, she wasn't shooting in the gym.

Example 3: Rayshawn: Yo Denzel, Ashlin filed for divorce from Darien.

Denzel: I told dude not to marry that thot. She been a bird, we all knew that. I don't feel bad for the guy. Dudes who are dumb enough to marry hoes, deserve what comes with that. He deserves that misery for allowing himself to succumb to her birdery.
by Mister Northeast October 3, 2019