5 definitions by Mister Darko

Pronounced Shh-Lip-In-Shh-Lie-Mur

1. A teacher or other person of authority who engages in sexual activity with sheep.
Stephanie: I heard a "Baa" coming from Dr. Honadues office.

Jesse: Yeah that's because he's a fucking shlipenshlimer!
by Mister Darko August 17, 2006
Human eyes that abnormally extend out of the eye sockets.
Stefano: Yo Manito has the only bug eyes!

Jesse: I know right? Would you rather do him or your photography teacher?
by Mister Darko August 18, 2006
A showtime series that portrays the life of a woman who is forced to sell marijuana in order to pay for her expensive lifestyle after her husband dies. It takes place in the town of Agrestic where everyone is very boring and exactly the same.
Nancy the main character in weeds sells marijuana to make a living.
by Mister Darko August 21, 2006
When someone wants or expects something from your household that is considered a luxury and you ridicule them for making such a request.
Janice: Oh Martha, Don't you have sheets that are of a higher thread count? These will irritate my skin.

Martha: Ha Ha Ha! very funny Janice where do you think you are? Fucking Buckingham Palace?
by Mister Darko August 21, 2006
1. When you get to a formal party that you didn't know was formal wearing jeans and the host starts screaming at you.
Boy: Hello Helga

Helga: Your wearing JEANS!? How can you fucking wear jeans to a party? Are you crazy!?

Boy: Oh I'm sorry when I heard who the party was for I thought I could wear jeans and flip flops with socks.

Helga: RAWR!

Girl: Whoa did you see the jean scream helga did on that poor boy?
by Mister Darko August 21, 2006