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A chin beard, usually short and well-groomed, that is purposely shaved into the shape of a triangle pointing towards one's lower lip, with no other hair on the person's face (mustache, sideburns, etc.) The name comes from the fact that a person who has it is usually a douchebag.
Person 1: Wow, that fucker just flipped me off! Is 50 in a 40 zone not fast enough for him?
Person 2: Doesn't surprise me, he's got the douchebag triangle.
by Milky Cannon January 24, 2011

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An offensive strategy employed by the LA Lakers in which they give the ball to Kobe Bryant, then stand around and watch him take on the other team's entire defense by himself.

The success of this strategy is entirely dependent on whether or not Kobe is knocking down his fadeaway jumpshots.
-Did you hear the Lakers lost to Cleveland? How embarrassing!
-Well of course they did, they played Kobe ball and he ended up shooting 8 for 24.
by Milky Cannon February 27, 2011

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An extremely lame dance performed at clubs or parties in which the dancer slowly bounces up and down in time with the music while twisting his upper body slightly from side to side. The dancer's feet remain on the ground, and arms stay motionless at the dancer's sides.

This dance is performed primarily by douchebags, mainly because it is the only dance that they are able to perform besides grinding.
-"Let's go. This club is full of assholes."
-"How do you know?"
-"Everyone's doing the douchebag shuffle."
by Milky Cannon February 17, 2011

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