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The consensual act wherein genitalia comes into direct contact with another's genitalia and\or orifice. The giver of said tail must be a member of the female gender, whereas the receiver of said tail can be either male or female. More commonly known as a booty call.
Kwesi: "So, up to any hi-jinx over the weekend?"

Joe: "Of course, I got some action."

Mike: "Yeah, I had a little social tail as well."

Kwesi: "You can't get social tail, you're a faggit"
by Mike Wears August 17, 2007
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Term Italians us to describe a ceremonial dish. Containing anywhere from Gnocchi, breaded muscles, and Risotto to Panini's, Polenta and Pizza. Used more in a stereotypical sense.
Tony: "Where's the gobagu?"

Carmela: "There is no more Gobagu."

Tony: "Who at all the gobagu?"

Corrado: "I ate the last of it."

Tony: "Junior, you M**ha F**ka ate all the gobagu!"
by Mike Wears July 23, 2008
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Similar to the word homo, however a zomo need not be truly homosexual nor "gay" in the non-literal sense. A zomo simply moves along like a zombie doing whatever everyone else does. Zomos love music, movies and styles of clothing that are completely mainstream. A zomo is a true plebeian example of American 21st century culture. A zomo can belong to any subculture, so there can be jock zomos or emo zomos etc...
All that is needed for a zomo is complete mental domination by the media.
Joey: "OMG I can't wait to watch American Idol tonight!"
Mike: "You are so Zomo."
by Mike Wears April 22, 2008
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