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Xanth is a fantasy world created by author Piers Anthony for a series of novels. It is a world of magic and puns where Piers sometimes questions the meanings of reality, politics, and all other matters that confuse us. The word "Xanth" itself is also a pun, some call Piers Anthony Pier "Xanth" Ony. Funny right? -_-
Normal Human 1: Hey, wanna have some sex.

Character From Xanth: Acctually in Xanth, we call sexual intercourse "Summoning the Stork" where a stork acctually brings the baby to the mother instead of her giving birth.

Normal Human 1: So...want to "summon the stork?"

Character from Xanth: Sorry, the straight-jacket is in the way.
by Michael Who? February 27, 2009
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1. Ketchup...that is on the floor

2. When one sees blood on the floor and believes it is the first definition of floor ketchup. (The "Floor Ketchup" is the blood on the floor.)
Little Robby was really hungry that day so he got a hot dog and smeared it with Floor Ketchup...it wasn't ketchup.
by Michael Who? February 27, 2009
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A prank located on the World Wide Web, usually disguised as a hyperlink.
Michael: Whats wrong dude?
Ryan: I just opened up that link you sent me; <www.1227.com>.
Michael: Don't you hate Internet Pranks? Lol.
by Michael Who? February 23, 2009
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A very raceist joke that means nothing in Times New Roman. But if one translates Q33 NYC into Wingdings, one will get a picture of a plane heading towards the twin towers followed by a skull and crossbones, the Jewish Star of David, and a thumbs up. 
Rude Raceist: Q33 NYC Q33 NYC Q33 NYC!!!


The next day, authoritys find the raceists body run over by a truck, stabbed repeatedly and hung on a flagpole repectively.
by Michael Who? February 28, 2009
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