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To all of the people who think Mississippi is a bad state.

Mississippi is not full of just rednecks and whatever else you call us. We arn't racist. We get along just like any other state would. Just because we go mud riding, have parties every weekend, cookouts, and like to hang out with friends around town, doesn't mean we have nothing better to do; that's just how we have fun. We arn't uneducated either. Just because we don't have the best schools doesn't mean we're stupid. And for those of you who don't like the word "ya'll", I'm sorry. People just say that down here.

I've lived here for 8 years and love it. I would never say anything bad about it no matter what. So to all of you people who live in Washington or Vermont, shut up. If you've never been to the state don't post a definition about Mississippi.
Mississippi is my home. I love it.
by Michael's girl June 20, 2007

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