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1. Gunners do not have the first clue.
2. They try to sound smart.
3. They probably are the class "anvil" in a law school with a tight curve.
4. And finally, they end up dropping out or just come to accept that their classmates get their above qualities and so they stop trying to fool everyone else, including themselves.

These gunners wither away and become normal, despite having gone to law school, and they become replaced.

However, sometimes gunners go into hibernation, or some latent gunners who never had the audacity to be a gunner in law school, become your stereotypical lawyer when they manage to stumble their way into a job after law school.

Do not be fooled with people in the legal profession, or any other profession, who try hard to sound smart by using, for example, "par excellence" and "since time immemorial" in the same sentenced stuffed with legalese. It's OK if every now and then people get "rewarded" for no merit if that means they will shut up, as long as they know that we are in on their game, and that they'll have to change eventually into mature adults.
Law school gunner: "I do not think that is what Judge Cardozo meant by his opinion."

Professor: "But that is what he wrote."
by Mexican Law Student March 20, 2009
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