480 definitions by Mellon Collie

1. Euphemism for a small penis
2. One of those sweets which looks like drugs.
3. Callum's Corner's head.
4. "Tic Tac" toe is another name for noughts and crosses.
1. Jack has a tic tac dick
2. I got high on tic tac drugs
3. Callum's corner has a tic tac head
4. Let's play "tic tac" toe.
by Mellon Collie June 15, 2021
An absolute shit show a of a year. The year where Corona spread across the globe and has killed over 2 million people worldwide, george floyd died and people make out it was racially influenced. This is however an unsubstantiated claim. The presidential debate took place in the USA and Biden got elected and the reason why the election was a shit show in itself is that both Trump and Biden are a pair of retarded, racist, bum sniffing paedophiles.
2020 was the worst year ever. We are in 2021, but that's a story for another time.
by Mellon Collie March 24, 2021
A bunch of adult babies who get offended by the slightest thing, usually at a joke or a meme. Essentially, these type of people are the individuals that struggle to fit in and as a result, they have no friends. I think the reason they have no friends is because people are tired of even talking to then as it is like walking on eggshells. They can distort something one says into a totally different thing to fit their own narrative.
Not a snowflake: "What do you call a black person in a red car?"
Snowflake: "Nope, I don't want to hear it:
Not a snowflake:

Not a snowflake:"Maltesers"
by Mellon Collie July 20, 2021
Something said when an internet addicted asshole on YouTube feels the need to induce their feeling of superiority by entering a comment section just as the YouTube video has been published then types "first". Those sanctimonious narcissists are oblivious to the fact that the chances are that they most likely aren't the first to comment on the video as YouTube doesn't load other comments straight away, thus ending up with around 10 people screaming "first". If you are one of those silly individuals please just stop because you're not special, nor funny.
I vehemently despise those pretentious man-children who claim "first!" in every single YouTube video because nobody gives a flying fuck.
by Mellon Collie May 15, 2021
A term latinos and black people use to refer to their friend from the hood.
Jamal: waddup, homie?

Lamar: chillin like a villain, dawg.
by Mellon Collie June 30, 2021
People have to say UrbDic because apparently Urban Dictionary takes too long to say.
by Mellon Collie May 16, 2021
The prime example of "United we stand and divided we fall".
Ireland gained their independence around 100 years ago and Nicola Sturgeon is now pushing for another referendum to push for an independence Scotland which her brainwashed SNP sheep will vote for. Just Wales and England if that happens and if Wales gains sovereignty then the United Kingdom is no more and we no longer stand as a nation, not that we stood as a full nation since Ireland gained sovereignty.
by Mellon Collie July 9, 2021