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Is like Giving somebody a gun, allowing him/her to point it to your heart while trusting he/she will never pull the trigger.

To make yourself vulnerable and exposing too much of what's on your mind and heart not noticing than the other person never asked or showed any interest on anything related to your life. The only place where you ever had the other's full attention was in bed and everytime you had sex with him/her some hope arised that you were closer to her/his heart. As you later realized it was not the case.

To put oneself in a very dangerous position when not sure of the other person's feelings.
To become temporarily naive at heart regardless of being a very rational person in other circumstances.
After you stop loving the person you go back to your regular rational state and beat yourself over all the signs ignored, over all the unrequested love given but basically about having believed that the other person could love somebody else but himself/herself. You promise to never love again but you eventually do.
Rossy: I heard Carla got her heart broken. How is she doing?

Patty: I warned her. To love a guy that selfish always ends up hurting. She will bounce back. Is just a matter of time.
by Me at Dawn April 17, 2011
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