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Santeria, better known as La Regla de Ocha, La Regla Lukumi, or simply "La Relgion" is an Afro-Cuban religion with roots from the Yoruba people of West Africa, Nigeria.
It is the worship of the Orishas which are the primordial energies of creation and the movement that guides human conciousness. Contrary to popular belief, there is no mixture between Catholocism and Santeria. The saints were merely used as a mask to hide the worship of the Orishas when the religion was forbidden and forced to go underground in Cuba. Building Character, ceremony, initiation, divination and animal offering are essential elements of this religion.
Hi Matthew, is that Voodoo you are practicing?
No Lucy, it's not Voodoo silly. Voodoo is from Haiti and is more ancestreal type of worship. I practice Santeria which is more nature based and it's from Cuba.

Hi Matthew can you do a love spell for me with Santeria? Sure I can Michelle, bring me some honey, cinnamon, and perfume, we will take it to the river and make an offering to Oshun.
by Matthew Oshun October 05, 2007

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Also known as California Christmas bud. Seasonal type of canibis that grows in California which consists of a very light green color, fuzzy texture and smell of pine.
This type of marijuana spreads like wildfire throughout the entire southwestern United States during it's season (december). It's value is up to 3 or more times as its conventional counterparts.
Also called Christmas Tree Bud, or Christmas Weed.
It is most likely the best quality of marijuana grown in the United States.
Whoa dude, this Christmas Bud got me stoned for about 5 hours with just a couple of hits.
by Matthew Oshun November 17, 2007

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