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A form of English that should never be taught and must go away. It says "something's not" is acceptable when it isn't parallel to "isn't something". Any language that glorifies that should be invisible and out of our world. This language doesn't even allow ain't to be a part of its use when ain't's original definition was for "am not". Because of the anti-ain't sentiment, "something's not" has become more popular than "something isn't" a trend that needs to stop. Parents, teachers (anyone who tells their kids what to say or how to say something) should tell them "something isn't" is the ONLY way you can say "something is not" by contracting it and tell them that "ain't" is THE contraction for "am not". FUCK STANDARD ENGLISH AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME. CALL ME A SPEAKING NAZI IF YOU WILL BUT THIS STYLE OF SPEAKING ENGLISH MUST DIE AND SUFFERING UNCEASINGLY!
"speaking proper english is for the people who need to die."
by Matt Campbell February 14, 2005

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