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The only thing EA cannot coppyright, is the force
The force is too stronge, even for EA
by Matt Gualdarrama March 10, 2005

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Only the biggest bad ass ever
The dark side is awsome, we got Darth Vader, bitch.
by Matt Gualdarrama May 03, 2005

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The song that gets stuck in your head, then your head explodes.
by Matt Gualdarrama March 12, 2005

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Somthing the french do every chance they get
Why do french tanks have rear veiw mirrors, so they can see the battlefeild while there running away.
by Matt Gualdarrama March 18, 2005

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A day when a group of friends goes places they normally dont go, on bikes.
Matt: Dude 2 words...bike quest
Joe: Uhg dude i dun feel liek it...
Matt: Too bad your going
John: Lol yeah ur going
Jim: Yay bike quest
everyone else: stfu no one likes you
by matt gualdarrama October 04, 2005

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To sell somthing stupid like a plain peice of paper or a toast with some picture carved in it for a really high price....then haveing someone bid on it
A Plain peice of paper
Current Bid: 18.00
Bids: 6
by Matt Gualdarrama June 11, 2005

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Hes black i think and uh, i own the force
Oh yeah, he is... uh banana phone
by Matt Gualdarrama March 12, 2005

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