2 definitions by Mary Smith

Levon is the most fluffiest person allive. He is kind, sweet, adorable, hilarious, smart, caring, and the most down to Earth guy. All the ladies love him ;) The most retarded things can piss him off. He is surrounded by amazing friends. He loves his Grandma's food more than anything in world. His laugh is just the most cutest thing in the universe. Anyways, he's just an amazing bestfriend & he'll make any girl happy.
You're so sweet. You're acting like a Levon.
by Mary Smith March 20, 2012
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Coming from a latin background, to be onree is to be a smart ass, to disagree because you think its funny, or want to do something because you know it will be hard to do.
Bobby thinks this isnt a word; I'll show him.
by Mary Smith February 27, 2005
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