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An Odar is identified as someone who is not Armenian. Odar can also be used as an insult towards someone who isn’t cultured.
Person 1: Axper jan( my dear brother), you guys down for some xorovats and some arax?
Person 2: let’s do it!
Person 3 : how about we just get some potato salad.

Person 3 is an odar
by Margarit August 5, 2021
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Daniel is a cute, sweet, funny and super chill guy. He’s someone that’s always got your back no matter what! He’s a troll and he’s got the funniest jokes. Someone that literally has big balls and he often brags about how he has big balls. He’s totally someone who you never wanna lose because you will regret it! He’s very athletic and he’s always offering to help! He’s a big drinker and loves to stay up with friends because he’s someone that will always keep friends entertained!
Do you know Daniel?
Yes I do he’s totally my favorite person!! He’s a boost

What’s Daniel to you?
He’s my best friend (:
by Margarit May 30, 2018
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