11 definitions by Marcus Solomon

To wound one's mouth with the sharp and pointy parts of a Dorrito's chip or any other mouth-shredding brand of snack food.
OW! I just did some Dorrito damage to the roof of my mouth when the point of the chip stabbed directly into the pizza burn blister I got last night!
by Marcus Solomon April 17, 2008
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Another emo-based redundant term, with the first being the same definition as the last. An emo bisexual is anyone in the emo scene, due to the fact that bisexuality (real or contrived) is an essential part of the bland, unoriginal, and self-deluded, false-genre known as emo.
A: Is that emo kid an emo bisexual?
A: Duh. All of them are.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
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An emo band lacking enough talent to play decent music and/or an emo band with a vocalist that lacks the talent to whine melodically. Many screamo bands simply make a horrible racket while the kid with the microphone screams like a spoiled child having a tantrum in the supermarket; not fast enough to be considered grindcore. Other screamo bands play homongenized, emo-pop music, alternating mellodic whiny, self-depreciating and contrived lyrics with a screaming back-up vocalist who usually repeats the first vocalist's drama-rants.
I went to the screamo concert the other day and soon realized it was just a screaming kid banging on pots and pans in the store. It actually sounded better than the screamo concert going on at Tantrumcore Records.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
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Easily-led trend followers that have adopted the cookie-cutter emo clone uniform that consists of ridiculously tight pants (often girl's pants), way-too-tight T-shirts (often girl's shirts), Van's or Converse high-top shoes, and any one of the multiple variations of the angular, backward mullet (see:emotenuse). Musically, emo guys listen to the sadly-growing legions of homogenized whiny pop bands and/or the growing-number of misguided metalic/punkish sounding groups that pretend to express anger and melancholy emotions that they have never truly experienced. Emo guys are often seen kissing each other as peer-encouraged homosexuality and acting stereotypically feminine is an important part of emo guys' image, and often is the result of having their testicles squeezed in tight pants for so long that testosterone production is impossible.
We saw a bunch of emo guys kissing because they wanted everyone to see how sensitive and emotional they are, but we all just laughed at how much influence a silly trend can have on human behavior.
by Marcus Solomon November 11, 2007
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