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Worst team in the National Hockey League. The New Jersey Devils ruined pro hockey in the mid 90's when they started playing their pussy ass trap and made games as fun to watch as John Denver's Kwanzaa Spectacular. The league had to compensate for the Devils and their goalie Martin Brodeur being so shitty to watch by changing the rules in 2005-2006. Over the years this franchise has been home to some of the most overrated and dirty players in the league such as Scott Stevens and Ken Daneyko. The Devils like to call the trash heap known as the Continental Airlines Arena home. Fans of this franchise are mostly derelicts and bandwaggon riders who know nothing about hockey.
The New Jersey Devils suck total ass.

It is a good idea to hide your wife's sister when New Jersey Devils Goalie Martin Brodeur is around.

Boy watching the devils play the trap makes Tony Danzas show look interesting.
by Maniac35 August 06, 2006
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