3 definitions by Manaddict bandersnatch

Trainers with really fat foamy soles

Usually said in England
"Hey, Liv, did you get those stomper trompers from JD?"
"Nahh you kno I'm a broke bitch I got mine at Topshop <3"
by Manaddict bandersnatch August 8, 2019
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That little voice inside your head that says you can't do or achieve anything and tells you to give up.
Luca: I can't do it!
Alberto: Hey- I know your problem! You've got a Bruno™ in your head. You gotta shut him up: say, Silenzio, Bruno!
Luca: ...Silenzio, Bruno.
Alberto: Louder! Silenzio Bruno!
by Manaddict bandersnatch July 13, 2021
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The last three digits of the Kahoot password (69420399) of the giant game to be played on the 19th of April 2019, 7:30 pm (Atlantic Daylight Time)

It also has something to do with PewDiePie, but who cares about that dude anyways lmao
399 is a number that starts with a 3 and ends with a 99.
by Manaddict bandersnatch April 17, 2019
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