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(N)- Slang term for cocaine.
(Addict to dealer)

"Could you help me be like Miss White tonight?"
by Mamma Murder May 10, 2010

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A word used to politely describe someone that is incompetent.
It's all right Allison, she's touched.
by mamma murder November 17, 2010

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(Phrase) When a pothead has more than one joint and they are about to go smoke it with their friends, they'll use this term to describe the contents of their jacket pocket.
"Hey girl, I got a pocket full of stinkies--you wanna go for a ride?"
by Mamma Murder May 12, 2010

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(n) a guy that's acting like a jackass.
"When Brown Boy gets drunk, he's a real Jack of Diamond's."
by Mamma Murder May 19, 2010

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If you ever find yourself drinking hard liquor--especially whiskey--before 9 a.m. and need to justify yourself, call it Congressman's Coffee and put it in a coffee cup.
It's called Congressman's Coffee, 'cuz it comes in a cup--and you're not an alcoholic if you drink it all up; you're a statesman worried about the next generation and their constant crisis of a fiscal situation.
by mamma murder August 24, 2010

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(N) Nick name for former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

In the 1950s, Ronald Reagan (then known as Ronnie Reagan) was head of the Screen Actors Guild and was also a secret informant for the CIA.

His code name with the CIA was T-10 and he snitched on suspected communists in Hollywood.

Ronald Reagan got the nickname Red Ronnie for his supposed closet communist ideologies.
Man, don't be like Red Ronnie and snitch!
by Mamma Murder May 10, 2010

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(N) A night walker type of girl you meet at a bar. She's the girl with the razor blade eyes and killer thighs--with just enough showing to blow your mind.

She's a w-o-m-a-n and she'll kill you with her verbs--meaning that she's hot AND she's intelligent and she probably WOULD kill you.

Mamma Murder's got a vampire tan and dark brown hair and large doe eyes.

First she'll use you--then she'll lose you.
Have you ever heard of her? She's a murderer! Mamma Murder stole his heart away (and ate it for dinner).

Mamma's a sinner--here to prove that Satan is real.
by Mamma Murder May 10, 2010

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