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Very unfunny memes that consist of using words like "sus" and "amogus" and thinking things that look like an astronaut's helmet are funny and "suspicious"
8 year old: uhh red sus that trash Can looks very sus among us memes very sus
Me: shut up
8 year old: *cries*
by Malleo Malleo October 17, 2022
Something to say when you hear terrible music or earrape.
Guy 1: why is this screamer so goddamn loud! my ears are bleeding!
by Malleo Malleo October 17, 2022
King Harkinian from zelda saying "Month" but every Youtube Poop Fan uses that clip and mostly when it's used, a text is there saying "Munf"
Guy 1: munf
Guy 2: dude eat normally you just ruined my day
by Malleo Malleo August 31, 2022
Supra Mayro Bross is a meme game made over 10 years ago and the names are mispellings of mario. A team called reallyhandsomepeople created the whole game in Microsoft Paint. Yep. It's another one of those old mspaint memes. However in 2012 they made Supra Mayro Kratt which is supposedly Super Mario Kart.
The game is 3d this time and You can play as luggy, joshy and Mayro.

They have quotes in supra mayro kratt where they say:
Mayro: Lets a go!
I don't know if mayro or Luggy said this: I never doubted it!

Luggy:No question!
Joshy: You cannot beat me!
Note that all the sounds are voiced by the same exact person.
In 2014, Supra Mayro 64 trailer came, but it didn't release yet.
In 2017: a Supra Mayro 64 development update came out by reallyhandsomepeople
In 2021: another supra mayro 64 development update came out.
they are probably adding the backwards long jump glitch from the SM64
Guy 1: hey so you know coding?

Guy 2:yeah
Guy 1: Remember supra mayro bross? Can you make it so you can also play as other characters?

Guy 2: ok sure
by Malleo Malleo August 3, 2022
Weegee Stare is one of Weegee's abilities, which is made due to Weegee originally being used by editing him in images.
However he turns the person into a clone of him with this ability, first making the opponent have his eyes, then his mustache, head and body.
Also the person doesn't become as powerful as weegee, he has the same power as a regular human.
Guy 1: imagine if the weegee stare was real
Guy 2: that would be creepy
by Malleo Malleo August 31, 2022
An intro of a character in a videogame specifically used against another character.
Guy 1: did you see Ronald McDonald's special intro against Colonel Sanders in M.U.G.E.N?
Guy 2: Yeah it was so damn cool!
by Malleo Malleo September 10, 2022
The Japanese Version of Ronald McDonald, named Donald McDonald, but spelled Donarudo Makudonarudo.
Donarudo got popular due to Japanese People making touhou remixes using the Japanese McDonalds Commercials.

One of the most popular touhou remixes with Donarudo is McRoll'd also known as Ronald McDonald Insanity.

He also got popular because a guy named kishio added him to M.U.G.E.N, making him even more popular. However he was a cheap character, and people made too many cheap edits out of them.
He also got a fnf mod referencing one of the touhou remixes (Deaf to all but the Ronald) and his M.U.G.E.N version.
A guy who posts YouTube Poops: Japanese McDonalds tastes good, i think i will make a Youtube Poop of Donarudo Makudonarudo
by Malleo Malleo August 31, 2022