5 definitions by Maliit tt lalake yan

Cash loan: The money that you don’t have.
I just got paid and cash my check but this money goes to the connect. “Cash loan”
by Maliit tt lalake yan April 10, 2022
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Deferred help: Filling a complaint but nothing is done at a later time.
After filing a complaint with eeoc for employment discrimination at work and a few months past they are done with the investigation.

Base on facts and evidence according to eeoc. It’s apodictic to say that gaylord means boxes…

Well I said fuck! “I was so sure I was going to get paid but it’s “Deferred help” .
Case close!!!
by Maliit tt lalake yan April 6, 2022
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Genius nonsense: A smart move from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing and luck has nothing to do with it. It just happens to be the right.
Your a “genius nonsense” when it comes to picking women. She’s a wolf in a sheep clothing
by Maliit tt lalake yan October 28, 2021
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Your rent is way past due. The landlord wants you out. “Paalisinto”by the end of the month…
by Maliit tt lalake yan December 5, 2021
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Whatever kadabra: Letting our luck take care of it and it’s not guaranteed.
N: where’s your thrash dude? throws the bottle out the window.
L: why did you throw that bottle out side the window. We can get introuble.

N: whatever kadabra
by Maliit tt lalake yan July 17, 2021
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