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On January 5, 1970 All My Children first came onto daytime television. The show takes place in Pine Valley, a town where more people have gotten away with murder and “died” then came back from the dead. The main families on the show are the Martins, the Kanes, the Cortlandts, the Chandlers, and so many more. Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and Joe Martin (Ray MacDonnell) are the only original characters and cast members still on the show. Erica Kane is probably the most known and loved actress on the show (she’s been on since it first aired.) Erica has been married more times than anyone can count and has been in jail quite a few times as well. All my Children is probably the most beloved soap opera on television today. Many of the viewers have been watching it since day one.
Barb: What's the first thing on your Tivo season pass?
Sandy: All my Children, of course
Barb: I should have known that!
by Maddie Kate August 01, 2008

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