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Faithful is a girl who can look like an African Magic wife sometimes. A Faithful usually has long, full and black natural hair. Some Faithfuls don’t really have good dentition (just some of them) . Faithfuls have the body of a model and has her moments where she looks very beautiful. Faithfuls are commonly smart, talkatives and can sleep anywhere. She knows every Chioma Jesus song there is. Everyone for sure needs a Faithful in their life.
You need a Chioma Jesus classmate like Faithful
by Madame Special February 22, 2019

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This means to be very unpopular and have a very low reputation. Raz means to be very not cool . A raz person is not admired by a lot of people, especially in schools amongst students
Oh my God , Jess why is your brother so Raz but then you're so cool and popular
by Madame Special August 03, 2018

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