4 definitions by Mad Man

1. Derived from the Latin 'Nagos', meaning a man with many Bellies.
2.The ancient Greeks also believed that NAGO would come in the night and eat there children if they didn't sacrifice pies to the Altar of Wrights!
"Run, children Nago is gaining on you, throw down those pies and make for the Gym"
by Mad Man October 15, 2003
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Stop the car, I've got to get out, I think I've got a Hennett.
by Mad Man July 1, 2003
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I'm gonna go kram a coner.

I've been kraming allday, I can't go for a picnic with your grandma.

Lets have a quick kram on that then I'll let you have your tortoise back.
by Mad Man July 1, 2003
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To Drink hard and get really really wrecked
Cor blimey I feel like I'm gonna get Dybled tonight.

Yeah he crashed his car, apparently he was dybled at the time.
by Mad Man July 1, 2003
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