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ShitMonger is a independent record label and production company out of Minneapolis, MN. It has been in operation since 1996. It has put out releases official, DIY CD-rs, and internet releases for off kilter hip-hop, rock, blues, bluegrass and metal bands in Minnesota and California.

P?M: Bluegrass Madness
First Communion Afterparty
Ape Lust
Cock Plyers
ShitMonger puts out some crazy tunes.
by MURDERAPOLIS September 13, 2007
Minneapolis hip hop duo starring Tone Def and The Blingo Gringo. G-Biz has been together since 2003. Released thier first EP on ShitMonger titled "Hugs for Thugs" in 2007.
I want to listen to G-Biz.
by MURDERAPOLIS September 13, 2007
Another name for Minneapolis. Coined by the media a few years back when Minneapolis' homicides were at an all-time high.
Murderapolis is full of gangsters, hustlers, dealers, and pimps. MURDERAPOLIS is not just know to be about murder but it’s also known to be the one of the largest black and hispanic neighborhoods in Minnesota! It’s deemed to be ghetto and more
by MURDERAPOLIS February 17, 2019