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Just a cunt who couldn't give a fuck about anything, preoccupied with tearing things down . The men wear suits and like women like Maggie Thatcher, the women wear pearls and all want to marry men thirty years older than them. It is curable, see Malcolm Fraser but some cases are infectious and potentially lethal. see Mr Wabbitt, Ho chi Minchin, Sophie Mirabella. Some are laughable See Dolly Downer, John Howard, Billy Sneddon( onya Billy we're all cheering you on).
1./News report:"A couple robbed a woman with a guide-dog this afternoon, snatching her bag and pushing her to the ground and kicking her dog, police are looking for a man in a dark blue button down suit and a woman with pearls and a frilly white collar"...

My workmate screwed his wife's sister then rang her husband and told him she was having an affair.....I always thought he was a liberal voter.
by MTurnbull May 20, 2013

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