20 definitions by MIKE D

Brown people who try to get discounts at stores like Bestbuy and Futureshop.

Salesmen2: "Wow Jerry, that guy WAS a cheapdeep, you've been knee deep in cheappreets all day".
by Mike D June 19, 2006
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A wapper is the same as a wap. It refers to a asian female, but it also refers to the asian culture that she reflects.
I took my wapper to Burger King; I fed her a whopper with extra cream.
by mike d January 23, 2004
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1. large monkey like creature
2. see boob
"god why is he so stupid hes such a fucking babboon!"
by mike d March 23, 2005
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The blood stain left on sheets after popping a girls cherry. Which when done in a missionary position, leaves a shape resembling red pilot wings.
"I hope my girlfriend got her sheets cleaned before her mom has a chance to see the pilot wings"
by Mike D December 07, 2004
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Brown people who work off commission at stores like Futureshop and A&B sound - instead of helping out one customer at a time - they will bounce from customer to customer trying to maximize their profit. Hence 'Double'-deep.
"Fuck, Gurpreet is such a doubledeep, he totally jacked my sale".

"Rahul needs to learn to stick to one customer at a time, that dude is such a doubledeep".
by Mike D June 20, 2006
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Term that means to have sex

Coined at Griff's house when we watched a porn with mad techno in the backround that repeated out loud sounded like "doodalay, doodalay, doodalay, doodalay...etc"
Oh shit dude, did u guys doodalay?

How many girls you doodalay last night guy?
by Mike D January 12, 2004
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it is a rather complex word used in place of a phrase such as yeah right
hey do you want to suck my dick "ahhfff"
by mike d October 20, 2003
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