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Abbrevation of My Chemical Romance.

Gerard Way - Vocals
Ray Toro - Lead Guitar
Frank Iero - Rhythmn Guitar
Mikey Way - Bass
Bob Bryar - Drums

The greatest band of all time. No joke.

Everyone who says they're emo has evidently never heard anything by them.

They have saved thousands of lives, and there is a reason tons of people love them.

They are all amazing people, and inspiration to millions.

Fxck You is all I can say to haters.
"Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive." - Gerard Way, frontman of MCR
by MCRmy Ninja October 11, 2007

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Slang word for asian, often used by younger internet-savvy generations.
1. Often stereotyped with TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, camera-whoring, and a belief that they are so 'gangsta'.

2. This is not true of all, however, and can just be a net-speak term for asian with no connections whatsoever.
1. Actual quote from an internet blog:

AzN PriDe

AzN PriDe iS iN mAh MiNd,

AzN bLoOd Is In MaH KiNd,

So StEp A SidE aNd LeT MeEh ThRoUgH,

cUz It'Z aLL bOuT dA aZn KrEw,

AzN LuV iS aLL aRoUnD,

fOr MaH FeLLoW AzN'z DaT NeVeR LEt MEeh DoWn,

So ShOw Ur PriDe N sAy It'S TrU,

cUz AzN bLoOd FLoWs ThRoUgH yOu!!!!!

2. On a chatroom:
Ciara: im irish. where r u from??
Chae: im azn.
by MCRmy Ninja October 09, 2007

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Pre-teen girls who dress like sluts/wemos because it's 'cool'.

Read magazines like 'Mizz'.

There are two generals species of teeny bopper.

1. The slut. Your average MTV kid, tonnes of definitons of these...

There are evil and should be killed.

2. The wemo (that's wannabe emo, english slang.) Even worse than the first species, as they think they are so hardcore since they love 'the falout boiz' and think that 'the leadsinger peter winzt' is sooooo fit.
Or alternatively, 'Oh Em GeE i LuV mRc SoO mUch!!!111 gErAlD WaYe Is My HuSbaND!!!!

Evil things.
1. Claire: Did you see the stuff I bought from Abercrombie yesterday? I got a tshirt that says 'B*tch'! Wow, I'm so grown up!

2. PuNk_PrInCezZ: omg! da fallout boyz r on mtv!!! lol y is the ginga singing?! i fort da da fit emo (like me!1) guy was the singa!!!

EmOgAl: lol u r sooo dumb. lol i luv gee way!!! im gonna marry him!!!

Teeny bopper. There, I said it. Apparently it has to be in the example somewhere.
by MCRmy Ninja October 10, 2007

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