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Chollo: In New Mexico/the Southwest, Chollo refers to a male of hispanic descent, it can mean he is a gangsta/homey, but it is broader than that. It does not mean he is a horrible drug user, murderer, rapist, as was posted before. It has cultural heritage, hispanic pride, and regional pride connotations. It is also used for the idea of a 'real man' type thing, like if a woman refers to her boyfriend as Chollo, it can imply that he is a real man, he takes care of her, etc. Within the same group, a woman would be called 'Cholla". Maybe in South America it has strictly negative meanings, but in the southwest, it can be used as a term of affection. It is not pronounced as in typical spanish, it's not cho-yo, it's cho-low, or for the ladies, cho-la.
" I love my Chollo, he treats me right. "
by M. Carrera August 21, 2006

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