4 definitions by M J V D G

Rocket Propelled Chainsaw, a weapon the size of a bazooka which launches mini chainsaws at the enemy.
bring out the RPC and kill them
by M J V D G October 27, 2008
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Azza and Shazza listened to Accadacca on the way to Macca's.
by M J V D G April 3, 2016
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The immensely satisfying poop that comes after waiting just the right amount of time.
Person 1; "You look happy."
Person 2; "Yeah mate. Just had a Goldilocks Turd and I feel wonderful."
by M J V D G April 5, 2016
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When one is about to get up off the toilet before realising their life is a piece of shit and there's no point being anywhere, so they just sit back down.
I can't be bothered today. I'll just do the fuck-it-sit all day.
by M J V D G April 4, 2016
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