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A good Replacement for the somewhat confusing term "Wapanese." Generally speaking, a Japanoob is a person of Non-Japanese descent, though some are partly of that heritage, but all Japanoobs Live and have been raised outside of Japan. Unlike their casual counterparts, who simply enjoy Anime, and occasionally attending Conventions such as Anime Expo, A Japanoob is overbearingly Obsessed with attempting to assimilate into the Japanese culture, and will ultimately Fail. A Japanoob should not be confused with those who actually have true understanding of Japanese culture, as people like that should be respected for succeeding where many fail. Japanoobs will frequently speak in fragmented Japanese, also known as Japanglish. Please note that the foloowing are all symptoms of Japanoobism, but at least four of them must apply for one to be considered a Japanoob.

Extensive collection of Shonen Jump Magazines.

Frequent use of Fractured Japanese; see Japanglish

Self Proclaimed Otaku, without detailed knowledge of the word's history.

Has Knowledge of Asian points, but has less than a total value of 10; note, see def. 1, not def. 2.

Cosplays on a budget of less than $50, or ¥5000

Has a collection of cheap, <$20 swords, refering to tham all as Katana.

"DESU DESU DESU DESU" is a commonly spoken phrase for them.

Is a Noob, Nube, n00b, or any other Variation.

Misuses Japanese Honorifics, such as on their own name.
1. Normal Counterpart: "Hey, you know any Japanese myth's or anything?"

Japanoob: "Like what?"

NC: "I dunno', the sessho-senki, or Tamamo-no-mai"

JN: "Sessho? You mean like Sesshomaru from Inuyasha... OMGWTFDESUKAWAIDESUMOE..." *fangasm*

NC: "It means "killing stone. God, you're such a fucking Japanoob!"
by Lumin De' Luna September 27, 2010

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