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People who for some strange reason think that their music rawks because it's the poor unsigned bands... forget mainstream!!!

Half my people at my school are like this, it's quite depressing really because they are all clones of each other.
Oh and the popular kids call the kids that are trying to be Indie (so that they don't get bullied) 'Scenesters'.

I actually like some Indie bands, some Emo, some punk etc
I don't undertsand why these 'Cooler then cool Indie' people think it is so good to be that way.

I mean it's another phase that will die out and then it will be all cool to be chav again and they will say "Indie is so out dude"

Hormones and peer pressure are to blame. The posers are the worst though. My God be original for christs sake!!!
Poser: The Shins are so cool and so Indie, I LOVE THEM!

Indie Person: Yeah but they are getting more mainstream, i'm going off them.

Poser: Yeah, Yeah i suppose.

*Poser goes off looking for another band to become obsessed with*

*Indie Person goes off to her best mate and says so and so is such a scenester. He he giggle giggle*
by Lucie Daniels July 24, 2006

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