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Retarded, no-talent, annoying little brat who thinks she can act and sing but really just irritates the crap out of millions of parents every night when their Miley-obsessed little 9-year-old runs into the TV room and puts on Disney Channel, shouting "Hannah Montana's on! Then JONAS! YAY! I get to see some Tennessee hick-chick put on a blonde wig and some glittery clothes and attempt to be the next Madonna, when she's really just lipsynching to a pre-recorded, Auto-toned version of her own retarded little redneck voice. I'm so cool!"
Yet another product of the Disney corporate zombie-making machine. Ripped off Michael Jackson in her stupid little "Fly on the Wall" music video, which I only looked at because someone told me about it on the timeless, legendary "Thriller" video, which, once again, she ripped off. Not to mention his "Bad" video.

Is defended for being a pole-dancing hillbilly whore by 8, 9 or 10-year-old bratty girls who think synthesizers and robotic "hey y'all" voices are super-cool. Slutty. Ugly. Untalented. Stupid. Annoying. Obnoxious.

Anyone who thinks Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana (pick a freaking name you retard!) has even one iota of talent for anything but pissing off a ton of people needs their brains checked, or else you're just another Disney Doormat. In that case, better hurry off this offensive yet truthful definition and watch her idiotic show, full of other Disney Doormats who couldn't get an acting job anywhere else. Anyone who thinks Miley / Hannah is a good actress/singer obviously has no mind of their own, so your opinion doesn't count.
Girl 1: Hannah Montana sucks!
Girl 2: Yeah!
Boy 1: Miley Cyrus is such a whore.
Girl 1: They're the same person.
Boy 1: Amen to that! Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana has no talent and doesn't have the right to have TWO retarded names! One is more than enough!
by Loves Real Music MJ Forever! September 10, 2009

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