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The male lead on glee that the writers have delusionly tried to portray as kind, caring, and perfect. In reality, he's manipulative, selfish, hypocritical, unmotivated, indecisive, dumb as a brick, naive, a cheater, a scumbag, and occasionally violent and cruel. He has outed a lesbian (Santana Lopez) in the middle of a crowded hall way after she called him chubby and said he couldn't dance (over-reaction much?), helped throw people in dumpsters, slushied people, refused to stand up for his friends, played with two girl's hearts throughout the entire series, ruined his ex-girlfriends prom because he was jealous she was with someone else, lied to his girlfriend about his virginity, told his girlfriend she looked like a 'sad clown hooker', told the same girlfriend he had nothing special in his life TO HER FACE, prayed to a sandwich to get back on the football team while his father figure was in a coma, blackmailed someone into coming out of the closet, and dozens of other actions that pretty much define 'unperfect'. He is a horrible person. Why does no one else see this?
*me watching glee*
my brother walks in: why are you glaring at the tv?
me: Finn Hudson's being himself.
my brother: oh, okay. *sits down next to me and starts glaring.*
me: I hate him.
my brother: that makes two of us.
by Love Glee, Hate Finn May 10, 2012

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