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Toxia is reference to the Secondlife Real Time Role Play sim, more formally known as "The City of Toxia".

The basis of the city is to be a dark horror type style, post apocalyptic world. Vampires, Lycans, Neko Folk (half human half cat), Demons, Angels, Supernaturals, and Mutants all wander as various characters. The city is plagued by massive monsters that are mutated from the Toxic spill over 40 years ago. Nothing grows here and no animals remain.

There are 7 factions within the city, all with their own agendas and plans for the city. These include: The Pack, The Prowlers, The Righteous, The Kindred Alliance, The Ryders, The Continuum, and The Coven.

Toxia covers a span of two sims with it's own radio station ran by in character players of the city.
"Did you hear about this one city? It's called Toxia, and I hear some weird stuff happens there- something about a destroyed factory with all these toxins being in the water there - and people still LIVE there!"
by Lost Toxian Soul February 08, 2009

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